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    Well, the big news here is the Olympic Match, er, Torch was escorted down the main street in front of my house. It was rather surreal, since I left about an hour before it arrived. People were standing on both sides of the street as I was driving. I felt …

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    Happy New Year everyone!

    Yep... it's 2002! JoDee and I spent part of New Years Eve together, but she wasn't feeling too well (she's fighting a cold or something), so I brought the Dreamcast over to her house and we played some games. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of …

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    Well, another year is almost out from under our feet, and what do we have to show for it? I think I have a few more lines on my hands and face, and some more gray hairs (but who's counting?). I have a job now. Our country is figuring out …

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    The Oakland Society of Physics Students had their holiday party yesterday. I tagged along with JoDee ad took some pictures. Had a really great time. managed to come in first place on Battletech, beating out Mark, JoDee, Michelle and Andy. Too bad Michelle and I had to go to work …

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