1. When you wish to name a star...

    It's the holidays, and with their imminent arrival comes the eternal question: what should I get them this year? Companies know this, and begin the drive for people to get that special someone in their lives something that will mean so much to them even after the holidays. One company …

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  2. New Glasses

    BTW: I got new glasses. I haven't had a new glasses prescription since I left college, so the glasses I have aren't 10 years out of style either. I need to get used to wearing them again. It's been a while. Here's a picture of my old glasses

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  3. Perfect MP3 Player for me?

    The Rio Karma is now the MP3 player I'd like to have. It has the ability to sync via ethernet, it includes a Java client for accessibility from Linux and Mac, and it's cheaper than an iPod. Oh, and it includes OGG support, which I'd really like on my Sony …

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