1. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson was booked today on charges of child molestation. Honestly, if the man is innocent, I hope they find out quickly. If he's guilty, though, there is no way in hell he will survive prison as a convicted celebrity.

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  2. Hortons heard a who

    Oh, and BTW: The next time Alan and Lisa are in town, we're heading to Tim Hortons. Alan has never been there, so we'll have to make a trip of it. :)

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  3. Slacking...

    Hmmm... It appears I've been slacking on these pages lately. I know I'm not going to be able to catch up on getting everyone caught up on my life (not that anyone would really concern themselves with such details), but I will mention a few things:

    • JoDee and I have …
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  4. Bluetooth Blues...

    It's amazing that even as some industry pundits are declaring the death of Bluetooth, Palm, Sony, and Nokia are shipping devices with the technology built in. Several of the people at work have Bluetooth devices, but humorously enough the only person with a Bluetooth enabled phone doesn't have a Bluetooth …

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