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    Well, here's another report to let you know that there's nothing much to report. Work is pretty busy lately. We're migrating our operations over from one server to another, which is a pain in and of itself. However, the software we're migrating is "programmer hostile" which means it'll barf if …

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    From: Chicken Little
    To: The rest of the world
    Subject: Recall of announcement "The Sky is falling"

    To whom it may concern,

    Chicken Little industries would like to recall the press release entitled "The Sky is falling". After further examination, Chicken Little industries has realized that the sky is …

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    Just a quick note to let everyone know that not a lot is happening here. I've been busy with work stuff getting some new servers installed. Today (Monday) we're not in work because of the holiday. Fun stuff. Yesterday JoDee and I played around with the Macintosh G4 in the …

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    I love my SPAM Mail. I just got a SPAM telling me that I can remove SPAM. Isn't that like someone bringing a dog into your house that craps on your carpet, then tries to sell you carpet cleaner? Ridiculous.

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