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    OK, I'd like to know how people who are normally accustomed to driving in some of the worst weather conditions at insane speeds can be stymied by a little mist. I drove into work this moring (if staying below 35mph on I-75 can be considered driving) and was utterly amazed …

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    Sheesh, the day after a long holiday is just not worth pursuing. I think post turkey-day festivities have even affected my work's domain controller (damn Microsoft technology). Oh well. Guess in a hundred years it won't matter anyway. :)

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    OK, who ISN'T getting sick of this election stuff. Now I'm not sure WHO I want in office, but I do know that I want the whining and the complaining to stop! Sheesh!

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    Well, I'm off to vote, which is easier since the company I work for gave everyone the day off today to perform their civic duty. If you haven't yet, please do go vote. It's important. I won't rehash why it's important since you probably know all the reasons, but it …

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