1. Caption Contest: Last Caption Standing

    Caption Contest: Last Caption
StandingLike a bad habit you just can't kick, here is the latest caption contest. The rules for this one are a little different, though. The winner will be the last caption posted as of Wednesday, October 10th at 8am. Be the last caption on this thread, and win untold prizes …

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  2. Caption Contest++ - Results

Basket Caption Contest++ has ended, and the winner is...

    Drum roll please...


    Steve, with his caption:

    Who put paw prints on the camera lens? Not me!

    I have to say, I was a bit surprised nobody went down the Paris Hilton / Dog routine from South Park, but the other entries …

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  3. Caption Contest++

BasketHey kids, guess what time it is again? No, it's not "guess that smell", it's time once again for a caption contest! The rules are the same as before: Post a caption to the thread (as many as you like) and at the end of the contest (Friday Morning, to …

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  4. Boomerang Supernova Caption Contest

    Co Co

    Like a boomerang thrown in the night in drunken fury, here's the second Caption Contest, right upside your head. The rules are the same as the last contest (remember that? Ahh, fond memories. It was almost like it was last post ago when that finished). This one will run until …

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