1. Seen on the road

    On my way up to work yesterday, I noticed two Michigan State Police Bomb Squad trucks. They weren't racing to a destination, and there wasn't anything remarkable about them, but it was odd to see two of them plodding down the road. Just one of those things you never think …

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  2. The Weapon

    Listened a while back to Rush: Signalsimage and reacquainted myself with some of the genius of Neal Peart. Now, I used to know the entire Rush catalog backwards and forwards. You could name a song, and I'd know what album it was on. Don and I would quiz each other …

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  3. The Five stages of productivity tools

    The Five stages of productivity tools:

    If you're anything of a productivity geek, you'll no doubt know these stages by heart.

    Any time I've ever downloaded something to help me be more productive, it invariably ends up running through these five stages. I've downloaded so many hairbrained ideas on my …

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  4. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart

    The best advice I can give to people looking for love is: learn how to juggle. :)

    Thank you, sweetheart, for three of the best years of my life. When people ask me how it feels to be married, I tell them that marriage is the best. That's no exaggeration. I …

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