1. How I discover new music

    I've had conversations with a few folks about music and recommendations for new music. Growing up I was never quite good at finding music and relied heavily on my peers or the charts or what-have-you. But over the years I've amassed a pretty substantial collection of music from a variety …

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  2. Year in Music

    Each year many different music services put together a "Year in Music" for their listeners. This year the folks at ListenBrainz decided to get in on this trend and create one for their listeners. What's cool about how ListenBrainz works is that it is both open source and open data …

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  3. RIAA, you did it again

    Apparently the RIAA can't help but step in it. They took down the Github repo (via a DMCA claim) for the program youtube-dl. I'm sure they believe that the only reason that such a program would exist is so that people can listen to music without properly paying them for …

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