1. Soundbreaking

    Mon 28 November 2016 | tags: music

    I've been binge-watching the documentary series "Soundbreaking" (which leaves PBS streaming tonight. :( ) and overall I've enjoyed it. It's an ambitious series and I've learned a few things from it:

    • I wasn't aware of the TONTO synthesizer and Tonto's Expanding Head Band, which formed the synth periods of Stevie Wonder and …

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  2. Mixtape 001

    For whatever reason I decided to make a mixtape of electronic music that I normally wouldn't be able to share via Open Metalcast and Club Metal (the show that features most of the industrial-influenced metal music I play). So, rather than keep it to myself I decided to release it …

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  3. Seth Godin: An end of radio

    (Original link: An end of radio)

    I've long held that radio was doomed the moment ubiquitous wifi entered the car. We're getting closer each day to having the completely connected vehicle.

    The only thing that will save radio is presenting more localized content. Unfortunately content cost money and as more …

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  4. Morning confessional


    I'm sure that Lang Lang is a great pianist, but his album covers creep me out and keep me from checking out his music.

    As much as I love Herbie Hancock, I've avoided his collaborative works (River, The Imagine Project).

    I've not checked out Joshua Bell's recordings.

    I'm not a …

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