1. Video Games: The Movie

    JoDee and I just finished watching Video Games: The Movie. Sadly I'm a bit disappointed in the movie. It's pretty clear in this movie that video game history was written by the winners because it would appear from their telling that the following was true:

    • The 3DO never existed (the …
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  2. Hawking

    It's hard not to come away from watching a movie like Hawking and not feel in some way changed by the experience. Sure Stephen Hawking is a brilliant scientist (the movie's subtitle mentions as much) but Stephen Hawking is also an exceptionally grounded individual. The movie portrays a man who …

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  3. Star Crash: A Cinematic Hot Mess


    JoDee and I just watched the movie "Star Crash", an Italian movie released around the same time as Star Wars. Allegedly it was influenced more by Flash Gordon and Barbarella, but I think there was some definite cross-pollination with Star Wars during the making of the movie. What is …

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