Mechanical keyboards, or "you're typing it wrong"

Rick Harding is a dangerous man.

Sure, he may look like a harmless developer, but listen to any of the back episodes of our podcast at, and you'll realize how unbelievably evil he can be.

We're not talking killing puppies evil. I mean planting subtle messages of "you're doing it wrong".

For the longest time I was happy with my normal keyboards on my computers. I flaunted how much I loved my Apple Aluminum Keyboard that I used for several years.

But then Apple became Really Evil, and suddenly I wanted no part of that Apple Hardware. (Also because I got tired of remapping the Alt and Meta keys, but let's just roll with this a bit).

And then I managed to break the space-bar on my Logitech keyboard because I had the temerity to want to remove it to get at a crumb that managed to lodge itself in there. The door for change was open.

A while ago Rick let me borrow his Leopold keyboard. I borrowed the Cherry Brown keyboard. While I liked the throw and feel of the keys, the noise of the keyboard was a little too much or me to bear. I like to type quietly, but the allure was strong.

I borrowed his Cherry Blue Leopold Keyboard (Yes, Rick moonlights as a keyboard showroom) for an extended loan. The noise of the keyboard was enough to prompt JoDee to demand that I get a new keyboard. It was the one time she was upset with me that I didn't come home with something from Microcenter.

One order later I had a Leopold Cherry Black keyboard. It's not quiet, but it has enough resistance where I'm not bottoming out as much as I did with the Cherry Browns.

And a few weeks later, another Leopold Cherry Black made it's way to replace the Logitech wireless keyboard I had at work.

They're awesome keyboards. I probably should have picked these up a long time ago.

That's why Rick Harding is a dangerous man. He's generally right.