Review: Deryni Dice and Map of the Eleven Kingdoms

You may recall a few weeks back I discussed the Deryni Adventure Game, and mentioned there were some accessories for the game, namely the Deryni Dice and The Eleven Kingdoms: Poster Map of the Deryni World. Never one to disappoint (well, not often anyways), here's a quick review of both products, available from Grey Ghost Games.

[caption id="attachment_3119" align="alignright" width="130"]Deryni
Dice w/
Case Deryni Dice w/ Case[/caption]

In the world of the Deryni there are mystical cubes called "ward cubes". They are four white cubes and four black cubes which, when put together in certain combinations, aid the caster in certain spells. Coincidentally, inside the stylish acrylic case of Deryni Dice are eight Fudge dice - four black, and four white. The case has spring-loaded hinges, and a latch to open the top of the case, revealing the dice inside. The dice are regular Fudge dice with the same rounded off edges, slightly rounded faces, and heft as the more recent Fudge Dice. They feel very high quality, and roll quite nicely, with a satisfying sound. The case comes with a label explaining the dice, with a brief blurb about how the WardCubes work in the Deryni universe. My only complaint is the case doesn't open wide enough, so getting the dice out of the case is a little tricky, but otherwise this is a solid product, and a great way to pick up two sets of Fudge Dice for your role-playing table.

[caption id="attachment_3120" align="alignright" width="161"]The
Eleven Kingdoms: At home in the den or in the living
room. The Eleven Kingdoms: At home in the den or in the living room.[/caption]

Equally impressive is the The Eleven Kingdoms: Poster Map of the Deryni World. This accessory is a no-brainer for anyone who plans to run a campaign in the world of The Eleven Kingdoms. The map folds out to a large 24" x 36" sized poster, suitable for framing even in the most discerning of houses. The map is exceptionally detailed, and has an aesthetic quality to it that just begs to be framed. The copy I received was folded, so you'll likely want to put it into a frame just to let this poster flatten out some. If you're a fan of the series, you owe it to yourself to pick up this gorgeous poster. It's just that striking.

UPDATE:I've been informed the posters are normally shipped in a tube, so if you're a fan of folded maps, you'll have to fold it yourself. :)

Both the Deryni Dice and The Eleven Kingdoms make excellent additions to any Deryni campaign, and add to the immersion in the rich and detailed world of The Deryni. Both products are available directly from Grey Ghost Press, and are also available from the Paizo Store.