Ubuntu Michigan 13.04 Global Jam

Hello fellow Ubuntu folk,

Once again it's time for Ubuntu Locos across this pale blue dot of ours
to come together and participate in the grand tradition known as the
Global Jam. Initiated by our loco as the Bug Jam, the Global Jam has
grown from our beloved state into a global event encompassing all
aspects of Ubuntu; from bug triage to documentation fixing to much, much

In the spirit of innovation, our group is trying something new with the
Global Jam. Generally we dedicate a few hours to the Global Jam at a few
locations in the hopes that folks will make the trek out to come
together and work on Ubuntu-related projects together. Unfortunately
that leaves folks out who either don't have transportation, or live
considerable distances from one of the events.

Since we're computer folks, perhaps we can try something a little more
technical to help bridge the gaps and solve the transportation and time

For the entire weekend of March 1st through March 3rd, we'll be jamming
online, primarily in our IRC channel (#ubuntu-us-mi on Freenode).
Participation is simple:

  1. Log into IRC (there's a client available on http://web.archive.org/web/http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-michigan under Resources if you don't already have one handy) and join #ubuntu-us-mi
  2. Say "I'm jamming" (or use some variation thereof. Examples include: "we be jammin'", "I like toast and jam", "Jam on it"; something with the word "jam" in it will suffice.)
  3. Find something to work on and announce it to the channel. Perhaps you'd like to answer questions on http://web.archive.org/web/http://askubuntu.com? Great! Want to test out 13.04 on your machine? Awesome.
  4. OPTIONAL: If you'd like to join a Google Hangout and hang out with folks, we'll post instructions in channel.

We'll also have Google Hangouts to help folks learn some of the many
pieces of the Ubuntu ecosystem. We're looking to have Jorge Castro give
a demo and explain the ins and outs of askubuntu.com.

If you'd like to host a hangout to discuss a topic related to Ubuntu,
please send a note to the mailing list with your ideas.

This is an experiment, and as with all experiments the success of the
event will depend on you and your participation! I think we can make
this work, and I'm excited to see you during the event!