1. The Road to Cinci, Part 2: Sprinklers

    There's one set of phone calls you never ever want to get from your spouse. The calls that notify you that some major life change has occurred. The calls that let you know that a loved one has passed on. The frantic call that the toilet is broken, and so …

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  2. Went to Penguicon 4.0

    Went to Penguicon 4.0 today. Interesting show. I wish I had gone earlier, but alas, I didn't. Went to a talk on PHP security, which was extremely fascinating. (Apparently e107 has a rather nasty hole in it as of a few days ago, according to the speaker). Also saw …

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  3. The Road to Cinci, Part 1: Car trouble

    Several weeks prior to CinciClassic, I got into my car at work and proceeded to try to head home. I turned the key and everything started as it normally would: the lights came on on the dash and the dome lights were bright and cheerful. Nothing seemed out of the …

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  4. The Road to Cinci, prologue

    I'm going to post a series of the events that lead up to CinciClassic on April 7th. There was a lot of things going on at that time, which prompted the "hold, please" message in the blog. From car-trouble to apartment trouble, it seemed like we had some form of …

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