Went to Penguicon 4.0

Went to Penguicon 4.0 today. Interesting show. I wish I had gone earlier, but alas, I didn't. Went to a talk on PHP security, which was extremely fascinating. (Apparently e107 has a rather nasty hole in it as of a few days ago, according to the speaker). Also saw the Slashdot Q&A, which was very cool. Met up with Rob's wife Kathleen, whom I knew from college (Go Dutch!). Anyways, there was one extremely funny part in Rob's talk where someone persisted asking about censorship issues and Slashdot and the net. The conversation got a little weird, though, when the gentleman continued the thread by postulating that only a fraction of people are online, so what happens when everyone can voice their opinions via brain transmitters or some other shit. Rob said "Well, I don't think I want to have anymore antenna, I already have an external antenna" (referring to his genetalia). The room chuckled, and the guy persisted, almost oblivious to the reference. Everyone started volleying back and forth with various jokes, (transmitter / receiver, etc.) while the guy continued talking. Finally, Chris DiBona pipes up "You do realize he's talking about his dick, right?" The room erupted in laughter for a solid 3 minutes. Funniest damn thing I heard all day.