Fountain of Youth, Television News Style

Wed 26 April 2006 | tags: Rants

According to Fox 2 this morning, these simple steps can add years to your life. Being one of those people that likes to add years to my life (and I'm sure most of you would also like to add years to your life), I waited in rapt attention to the actual news story. I will now share with you these grand revelations:

  • Drink Water
  • Exercise a little more
  • Don't Smoke

Huh? Where's the "Aha" moment in there? This is the same set of tips that's been trumpeted by health professionals for YEARS. It's like saying: "Add years to your life by not falling down in front of a bus". You could probably survey 100 people, and at least get one out of the three responses from every single person.

The other revelation was that binge drinking by pregnant women could disrupt the mother and child's Circadian Rhythms (Extra points to the news cast for using circadian in a sentence). Gee, could that be why doctors tell pregnant women it's pretty much bad for the baby when the mother drinks alcohol? Here's the same information from a random site I picked on Google when I searched for "Pregnancy Tips" from a site called Mama's Health: "Avoid alcohol, raw fish, fish high in mercury, soft cheeses, and anything that is not food." Seems pretty high in the list there eh, Sparky? Even fish laden with Mercury don't merit a first mention like alcohol.

And people wonder why I don't watch televised news anymore.