1. Frugal February

    I've decided that for the month of February I'm going to cut back on my spending. I did something similar to this back in September and I think I need to do it again. I've been spending money like crazy. Part of that is because I've been craving comfort, and …

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  2. Behind

    I'm currently sitting at my desk looking at the physical inbox there. On my computer is the digital inbox for things like PDFs, scans, and other detritus of the day. My email is the only inbox that isn't overflowing, but that's because I'm obsessive about it.

    I'm feeling behind already …

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  3. Anxious

    Today marks my second chemo round. I'm doing a lot better this time around. The first time I received the side effects for Camptosar, which threw me for a loop. I found out later that JoDee tends to grab the side effects before I can read them. She knows my …

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