1. Day 68/100: Reading / Exercism

    Did a quick play around with Exercism and some reading.

    Here's my solution for RNA Transcription in Python:

    def to_rna(dna):
        dna_rna_trans = {'G': 'C', 'C': 'G', 'T': 'A', 'A': 'U'}
        rna_strand = []
        dna_list = list(dna)
        for dna_nucleotide in dna_list:
            if dna_nucleotide not in dna_rna_trans:
                return ''
        return …
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  2. Day 68/100: Off my game / Reading

    Today I was pretty well off my game. Did a lot of administrative work for MUG and what-not, but didn't get to doing much programming. Hoping to rectify this tomorrow (before the MUG meeting. :) )

    Did a little reading here and there. Did a little reading of the Guile Manual. Still …

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  3. Day 65/100: More Godot

    Today I watched a few introductory videos to learn more about Godot. The more I look at this engine the more I'm falling in love with it. I can't wait to put together and release a game with it. Thinking about doing a Kaboom-style game with it.

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