1. Making Space

    Not sure where this post will go. I have a lot of thoughts rattling in my head, and needed somewhere to let them out.

    Today the topic of letting go of things came up. One observation I made was that we're always worried about letting go of things (a negative …

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  2. Removing feedBurner from the feed

    Quick status note that I dropped Feedburner from the feeds and am now serving the feeds for this site directly. I'm sure there will be a few hiccups along the way, but hopefully I've ironed them out.

    Tired of seeing what Diaspora and the like do with the feed and …

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  3. Hypothetical Greek Gods in television

    I was thinking about different television comedy eras and how they might have incorporated The Greek Gods. Most of these have probably been done already (I claim no originality to this list) but it was a late-night musing and I thought I'd share.

    • 1960s: The Greek Gods help out a …
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