1. Made with Love

    JoDee: "Our Cheese says 'Made With Love' on it"

    Me: "As opposed to saying 'Made by Bruce, who was having a really shitty day but decided to give your cheese a little hug anyway'"?

    Does this mean I need to love my cheese back?

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  2. Craig's Playlist

    I thought it might be fun to select 10 songs that have some special meaning to me from a lyrical perspective. These are songs that I keep coming back to both for the lyrics and the music. They tend to help get me into a positive mood, so I thought …

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  3. Fear

    Fear is such a fun topic to think about because it's one of those primal drivers of our own human existence. We can't seem to get away from fear and yet we do everything in our power to try very hard to minimize it's effects in our lives. We're constantly …

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