1. Regrets

    I try not to dwell on certain decisions that later turn out to be bad moves, but one that keeps popping up is my insistence on putting a hard disk drive on my Atari 800XL computer.

    Let me explain.

    Putting a hard disk drive (HDD) on my Atari 800XL was …

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  2. Cleaning up the blog a bit

    I realized the blog was getting a bit crusty around here, so I cleaned up a few pages. I've put as many of the MUG presentation videos as I could up in the projects page, and added the slides for the Penguicon Presentations from 2015 / 2016. I'm probably going to …

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  3. mismatch_cnt, RAID1, and a clever fix

    This past weekend my computer showed an ominous error:

    Jan 1 04:06:16 lister mdadm[8317]: RebuildFinished event detected on md device /dev/md/0, component device mismatches found: 9856 (on raid level 1)

    Huh, that doesn't look particularly good. Mismatches between drives tend to lead to bad things …

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