Checking In: 2024-01-03

Checking in for 2024-01-03:

I'm sitting here doing another blood transfusion. My red blood cell count hasn't really improved since the last time so hopefully this one will take. This isn't something that I'd like to make a habit of but apparently it's not uncommon for some folks to be here several times a week.

I didn't realize that the actual time for my transfusion appointment could be as quick as 45 minutes before they expected me here. I'm used to having things scheduled the day beforehand. Apparently that's not the case here. I got a call around noon asking if I could be here at 13:00. I asked if they would have it 13:30 instead to give me a bit of time to get myself situated. Fortunately we're about a half-hour from the hospital. I can't imagine if we had to drive an hour-and-a-half. That would be awful.

I'm adding more drugs to my regimen. These are for handling the fluid build-up in my chest and legs. The first is Lasix for the fluid build-up and the second is Potassium Chloride Extended Release to keep my potassium high. It feels like extraordinary measures but after talking to the nurses here I feel like I'm a medical punter. I'm going to be grateful for what little I need to do right now to stay alive.

There is nothing worse for me than waiting for a phone call. It always blasts my productivity whenever I'm waiting for a phone call to schedule something. Doubly so if it is a phone call that needs to be picked up. I let it ruin my morning. Instead of focusing on more important things I worked more on shallow tasks that didn't require much deep focus. That's a data-point for me. If I feel like I need to constantly scan the horizon for predators I'm not going to be able to focus on more important things.

More as I know it.