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Ruth, JoDee and I went to see The Mummy Returns this past weekend. I had a coupon from purchasing the The Mummy Ultimate Edition so I had a free admission (Unfortunately the coupon expired on 5/20, but the ultimate edition is still pretty darn sweet. :) ) Anyways, The Mummy Returns was an OK movie, but the plot stunk. WHen we left the theater, each of us had a hard time figuring out who was fighting who and for what reason. And there some storylines in the movie that make absolutely NO SENSE! The reincarnation sub-plot didn't have to be there at all, honestly... They could have written a better plot without it (in my humble opinion). And for those of you who are looking for THE ROCK's starring role, forget it. I won't spoil the ending, but the end battle with The Scorpion King left a lot to be desired. The effects in this movie were too overstated as well. Things that looked "real" looked utterly computer done in this movie. Oh well... There are some utterly FUNNY parts of this movie, but overall it could have been a lot better.