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JoDee and I had a very interesting shopping experience this past Friday at Sommerset Mall in Troy. (Or more snobbishly known as the "Sommerset Collection". Whatever... It's still a mall). Our first interesting experience is when we got out of the car and approached the mall proper. They've always had some stupid recording saying "Remember... you're on level two... level two". This time, however, the recording was something like a hypnotist saying "I have parked my car on level two... remember, my car is on level two". We about cracked up at this. Then we both started saying in a deadpan voice "Imhotep... Imhotep". It was pretty funny.

After checking out the Natural Wonders and Store of Knowledge "Going out of Business" sales and getting some coffee, we went off to get something to eat. We watched the weather for a while through the glass and after deciding it was too rainy to go outside, we started to cross the Skywalk (which connects Sommerset North to Sommerset South over Big Beaver Road). As we were walking JoDee and I were still looking outside and we heard the tornado sirens go off for Oakland County. Some clouds were really really low in a funnel-like shape to the northeast. I said "Is that a ... " and JoDee replied "I think so..." (meaning we thought we saw a tornado.). The people behind us asked "Is that a tornado" which JoDee responded "We think so". We BOOKED across the skywalk (which is encased in glass. People had to have wondered what the hell we were doing. Unfortunately when we got to the other side, we realized that most of Sommerset has glass all over... The ceiling is glass, the store fronts are glass. It's definitely NOT the best place to be for a tornado. Fortunately nothing happened, and the weather service spotters didn't report a tornado, but we know what we saw, and it looked like a tornado. This is the fifth tornado that JoDee has seen or experienced.

Speaking of The Mummy Returns, Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy has a review of The Mummy Returns on his site. (Actually it's a review of the bad astronomy in the movie).