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JoDee and I went to see Shrek today. Other than the usual reasons we hate to go to see movies aimed at younger viewers (thank you parents for NOT keeping control of your little hellspawn. We all enjoyed the rhythmic seat music your little brat was making) we both really enjoyed the movie. The animation is top notch, and the story is difinitely a jab at the magic kingdom. Hilarious work, and a short movie to boot. Good stuff.

Also saw the 2000th (and 2001st) Iron Chef dishes episode. Pretty cool. JoDee and her sister didn't like one of the ingredients being soft-shelled turtle, but that's to be expected. I had to be the brave one to tell them when they could look again. Can't wait to see the Bobby Flay rematch on Sunday! (Or more importantly, I can't wait to see Morimoto frappe' Flay. :) )