Quiet lately

Yeah, I know, this page has fallen silent in the past few days. Actually I've been pretty busy lately. Got a new Clie' (PEG TG50) in the mail, and of course new Palm device = lots of time playing with new features. Unfortunately I'm a bit disappointed in some of the Sony software. The MP3 player doesn't handle Variable Bit Rate MP3s. What's up with that? Worse, there's no third party application to rectify this, since Sony is so closed-mouthed about it's sound API. The keyboard is a bit small, but I'm getting used to it. I'll be happy when I can actually type quickly on it. Bluetooth is great, but it's a bit limited. Overall I'm really happy with the TG50.

Not much else happening around here that's worth blabbing about. Can't believe it's July already.