Banzai Kernel!

Yesterday JoDee and I caught Fox's new show "Banzai". For those of you who didn't watch it, it looks like a port of a Japanese show to an American audience. Inexplicably funny, and quite wacky. I was rolling on the floor for some of the segments. Unfortunately I was working on updating my kernel (again) using Red Hat's packages because they neglected to put the MGA driver for doing Direct Rendering in the i386 kernel series. I installed the i586 kernel this morning, and found that that too was broken, but in a different way. Somewhere along the line GRUB didn't get the new kernel registered properly, so I had to play around until I got it right this morning. But fortunately everything is working smoothly now. The joy and pain of Linux- When things are right, they're transparent. When things go wrong, they're a royal pain in the you-know-what... but they're fixable. :)