Goodies from Thinkgeek

This is either one of the coolest games I've seen, or one of the strangest games I've seen. Heck, let's bestow both honors on it for now until we know better. It's called Polarity, and it uses magnetism as part of the gameplay. The idea is to create stacks of pieces (ergo getting points), but the method looks strange and bizarre. I think I'll have to see this one in action to really get what the purpose is.

Also of note is the Ring Thing which allows you to perform magic feats of not having to look for a bottle opener when you have Guiness Extra Stout. It's like magic.

OK, and rounding out the goodies is something I wouldn't mind having at all... Build Your Own Hologram. How cool is that?

Let me know if you'd like to ship any of these my way. Fund my geek habit, please. :)