Hostile drivers and pushing my buttons

Today was a day of traffic and really hostile drivers. I'm not exactly sure why everyone was on edge, but it would be nice if you all would just stop it, m'kay? One particular gentleman really hackled my nerves this morning as I drove out of the Tim Hortons. He was barelling through the connected parking lot from the Walmart over to the Walgreens as I was making the turn from the incredibly screwed up Tim Hortons parking lot. (The turn is such that the entrance and the exit are very narrow, and the exit requires two sharp ninety degree turns, one left and one right, in quick succession). As I was making these turns, this bunghole slows down, expecting that I didn't see him. I did see him, and I slowed down accordingly. Then this guy did the most annoying thing I think I have ever seen a driver do in my life (and I've seen everything from a casual flipping-of-the-bird to outright road-rage). This older gentleman, wearing a baseball cap and driving a salmon colored pickup truck, starts lecturing me from his pickup truck. He set his gaze firmly upon my car, and his finger waggled up and down as he spoke invisible stern words to me. He did all of this while he slowly passed in front of my car to punctuate his point. I couldn't believe it! I was receiving a lecture of some form about my driving for some infraction I wasn't even intending to do! I was furious! Where did he get off lecturing me about my driving? I'm not sure what his problem was, but he was definitely willing to make it my problem for that brief second, and my temper erupted in a flurry of rather unkind words for his unlistening ears.

So thanks alot, pal, for sharing that bug in your butt with me. I really appreciate it.