It's like a carnival, except I'm hanging with the carnies

So here's an update on the blood tests for JoDee. When we last left our intrepid mailed results, they allegedly were somewhere in the known universe. I called again to have them mail the results, and those results too are allegedly in the known universe. As of yet neither of these missives has made it to my mailbox, even though other communication from other parts of the known universe have made the journey without incident. So, yesterday I called and had them fax the results to me. (As is customary, I had to contact them twice to have them send the results). Upon the second calls completion, I received a fax. Success! I printed out the fax (which is another story for another time), and lo... results. Huzzah! Results! Only there's one small thing missing from the results: the doctor's commentary. Yes, friends, the one part of this equation that not only held up the original delivery (remember that his highness needed to review the results to give his commentary, but the computer system was borked for a week because of an internet worm), but also the reason that we went to a doctor in the first place instead of just taking the blood ourselves and shipping it to a lab was not present. So we received 14 pages of results that needed interpretation. Fortunately, being of a scientific bent, JoDee muddled through the results and came to the sort of conclusions that only the expensive high priests of the medical establishment may make. (You're fatigued, and you need to exercise more). What was interesting, though, was the speed in which the results were returned to the doctor's office (they have a handy little stamp they use to determine the date of arrival). I won't give away the punch line, but let's just say that the lab is definitely not a source of blame.

So, to recap:

  • We waited one month for this office to determine that they needed more blood.
  • The doctor's office is a quagmire of inefficient people who only respond to levels of communication that equal the familiar phrase "blood on the walls".
  • We are still waiting for the doctor's typed commentary, which will no doubt be something along the lines of "you're fatigued, and you need to exercise more".
  • Blood tests test for an amazing array of things, and they're efficient about getting them back to the doctors in a timely manner. These people do good work. Hug a technician.
  • We still haven't received the mailed results from the 7th in the mail, or the resent results from the 14th.

And yes, we're changing doctors.