LJ Interests quiz

(Thanks Andy)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. c++:
    Programming languages are neato kean
  2. dave weckl:
    The machine doesn't begin to describe this phenominal drummer
  3. front line assembly:
    Awesome industrial band that you should know about already
  4. linux:
    It's like breathing air: can't live without it
  5. neil peart:
    I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. Truly brought my drumming to heights I never would have imagined, and an incredible lyricist.
  6. phil collins:
    Great drummer, and an excellent pop composer. Genesis was never the same without him
  7. ranma:
    Awesome anime
  8. sepultura:
    Great thrash band
  9. ted kirkpatrick:
    Viento Borrascoso!!!
  10. type o negative:
    Cranky buggers making great music