Cult of Wal*Mart

JoDee and I decided to walk over to the Tim Hortons tonight. Next to the Tim Hortons is a Wal*Mart store. As we were making our way across the street (in the cross walk, mind you) a car approached to make her right-turn into Wal*Mart. Mind you, we were in the cross walk, the light was red, and we had the little "It's OK for you to walk" light. This bit... I mean consumer... didn't like our progress across the street, and tootled her horn melodiously at us to wish us well on our journey. Yes, screw that... the bitch wanted to make her turn so she could extract herself from the car and rush in to get those bargain-riffic deals at the Wal*Mart, and we were impeding her progress. I swear I don't know what it is about Wal*Mart that makes people turn into rampaging bargain-beasts, but whatever it is, count me out.