New Fishies

Sat 05 November 2005 | tags: Fish

Today JoDee and I went to the Fish Doctors to pick up some new fishies. You'll remember that last we mentioned the Fish Doctors I had a credit for turning in Plucky (the plecostamous) who had grown to the point where he was practically legal to keep if ensnared on a hook. First we checked to see if Plucky was still there (we're not 100% sure, but we did see some plecostami who looked very much like him). We then picked up a clown plecostamous (which only grown to around 4 inches, so you'll have to throw them back), and three neon tetras. The tetras met up with Inky and Big Oaf, and seem to be doing well. The clown pleco is trying to get comfy. He'll spasm on occasion, but I think he's doing fine. They're strange little beasties anyway.