How I spent my election day

Yesterday was election day, and I frittered it away. Yesserie bob, I didn't even vote yesterday. Do I have a right to bitch? Nope, I sure don't. I wasn't familiar with any of the races, so I didn't go and participate. Mea culpa if something bad happens because of it.

JoDee and I went after her work to Dave and Busters and had a great time. we haven't been there in a while, so it's like a treat any time we get a chance to head out there. They now have several retro arcade emulator games there, including the Ultracade, Centipede/Millipede/Missle Command, Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr/Mario Bros, and Space Invaders/QIX. Could it be that the youngsters are becoming reacquainted with the classics? I doubt it, but it's good to know that they're out there for them to play if they so choose. I know I had fun. :)