RIAA, please keep your death screams to yourself

Adam Curry in his latest podcast declared that he will no longer be playing RIAA licensed music in his podcast, and has gone through his archives to delete any non-Creative Commons licensed music in the podcasts. Unfortunately that means no more mash-ups, no more hit tests, and no more fun little illegal dips into the vast catalog of RIAA-controlled music. This all came about because of the Dutch version of the RIAA making the same stupid statement that they won't license this music without Digital Rights/Restriction Management, which is another way for saying "unless you pay us for every listen to the music, we won't allow it". So from now on, no more RIAA licensed music for The Daily Source Code, and Jan Polet has closed down his Hit Tests indefinitely. I'm not sure about the other shows I listen to that have RIAA licensed music, but I suspect they too will be shuttering their doors soon.

What the hell is wrong with music companies?

We want to play RIAA music. We want to enjoy their music. But we also want to do it on our terms, with our technology. And like the spoiled kid who angrily declares that the rest of the kids aren't playing fairly and declares that they are taking their stuff and going home, they are free to sulk and rot. Unfortunately this spoiled brat also enjoys other peoples misery, so rather than letting the baby stew in it's own misery, we have to fight it in order to keep our playground fun and fair.

Well we're listening, and we're voting with our feet. All of your bitching is making enemies of your customers. Your heavy handed responses to digital technology is being recorded by those who want to support you. I'm to the point now where I don't give a damn if you live or die. RIAA- You are irrelevant to me. I have a back-log of discs I'd love to buy, but I can't bring myself to spend one red cent with you. Your thrashing is comical, and your screams are falling on deaf ears.

These are not the sounds of an industry which wants to thrive, they are the death grunts and screams of dinosaur business models waiting for the ice age to put them out of their misery. Let's help them get there.