Anniversary meal and other anniversary stuff

Last night JoDee and I celebrated our anniversary. JoDee showed her culinary prowess by making the meal that we had at our wedding. She made Panko Chicken breasts, broiled potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables, bread, and fruit. Very very tasty.

After dinner, we chilled together and watched the season finale of America's Next Top Model (which I hadn't followed much this season/cycle/whatever they want to call it). All I know is they kicked off that conceited stupid-ass Jade bitch. (Really, I didn't follow it at all.) I won't spoil who won the competition for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

After that, we did a little channel flipping and found a PBS/BBC show on relationships and dating. Dear Britain: I love how completely frank and honest you all are on camera, without getting completely vulgar like the US. It's called class, people. I wish more of that came over to this side of the pond.

I got JoDee a copy of the first season of Star Trek: TNG on DVD. She still says that it was a gift for me, but I'll flatly deny it. So, last night, we watched "Encounter at Farpoint". Sure, they spent most of the time showing off the neat features of the ship/crew. (OOooh! We're seperating the saucer! Oooooh! Holodeck! Ooooh! Engine room! Ooooh! Transporter effect! Ooooh! Data's an android! Oooooh! Telepathy! etcetera ad nauseum), but the series still stands out as my favorite Trek. Except for the fifth season when they did pretty much all psychological drama.