RSS Reader change: It must be spring

Well, I've changed my RSS reader again. Last time I changed was in April. This time I was driven to change by a small little bug in rss2email. Honestly, I've been contemplating a change for some time now because reading RSS in your e-mail can be a real pain. It fills up quickly whenever someone changes the feed links, and I felt obligated to clean it out from time to time. Worse, it displayed every time I opened my e-mail account. That added to the guilt factor. Worse, Bitsmack started posting bookmarks that caused rss2email to think the feed was updated at every run. ARGH! A minor inconvenience was also in digest authentication with livejournal. I lost one of my friends feeds when Livejournal changed their authentication methodology, so I had to track it in Sage. But now, I've discovered another way to keep current with my information whore lifestyle: feed on feeds is a server-side news aggregator / reader. It's absolutely perfect. I can add feeds directly, upload OPML files, and keep my RSS reading habits seperate from my e-mail habits. Also, it stores it's data in MySQL, so if something breaks, I can go in and fix it without resorting to writing helper scripts (rss2email used a file-based database). So, adieu rss2email, and hellp feed on feeds.

At least, until next spring. :)