"Living in a box"

I know the song "Living in a box" (by, coincidentally, Living In A Box) has nothing to do with moving, but we're moved in, and we're "Living in a box". (Or more precisely, in a series of boxes). The saying "finding a needle in a haystack" should be modified to "finding a Thermos top in a pile of moving boxes" because I'll be switched if I can find the lid to one of the Thermos' for JoDee's coffee this morning. Also, I feel like an astronaut taking giant steps on the moon as I leap over the various obstacles throughout the apartment. No wonder my legs are so tired.

Big humongous thanks to everyone who helped us move. Pizza is but a small token of our appreciation for all of your help, especially with the weather as crappy as it was that day. Bone-chilling cold mixed with rain and sleet makes for less than ideal conditions for moving furniture up a ramp into a truck. It's even worse when it's up and down stairs on both sides. I know my legs are telling me it's a fine day to be a computer jock.

Now for the unpacking ceremonies.