Random thoughts about food

Some random thoughts about food:

  1. My wife, JoDee, makes the best pork chops in the world. Bar none. Pork turns into something absolutely wonderful when she cooks it.
  2. JoDee and Ruth made an awesome Turkey-day dinner for Thanksgiving. It was teh yummi3z.
  3. McDonald's has patented the sandwich. No, not the hamburger, a sandwich. Seriously, if there is a better case for why the patent system needs to be abolished, let me know, because I think we have a winner here. I'm thinking I need to have my own patent: The Invention Patent. "Abstract: An Invention is a series of ideas which do something useful." How this crap makes it past anyone of intelligence in the patent office is beyond me. Seriously, please stop allowing people to patent processes.
  4. And last, but not least, Zeno's Diet.