It all makes sense in Bizarro world

Yestarday we received our first measurable snowfall im Michigan. We received about an inch or two of snow fall, which isn't really much compared to some of the storms we've had in ithe past. Unfortunately, since this is the first one, everything went all topsy-turvey. Driving home, I waited about an hor and a half to get from work to home on a stretch of road that normally takes a half-hour tops. I spent most of the trip on the brakes because the car idled too fast. Absolutely insane. I know some of the roads were slick with ice, but this particular road had been salted, and there were no accidents as far as I could tell. There was no reason I could tell for the sluggish movement of traffic, yet we plodded along until we got to a certain stretch. Everyone managed to figure out where the accelerator pedal was at that very moment, because the car surged to 20, then 30, and finally 40 MPH.

Also, there appears to be a conspiracy to make my e-mail completely useless. I've mentioned before the numbers of SPAM messages I've received. I also receive that many returned mail messages where people have forged their address using my domain. That wouldn't be so bad, except now people are spamming one of my mailing list subscription addresses with a forged address. That means I'm now getting confirmation messages from my own mailing list asking me if I'd like to subscribe. Tell me this isn't a conspiracy to make my mail completely useless. I mean, what could possibly be the point of this? Ridiculous! It's not like I'm getting a spam message accompanying the confirmation message; all I see is the confirmation message.

Only in Bizarro world.