Foleo, or Foiled?

Palm unveils Linux-based "mobile companion"

Unless you're supremely interested in high-tech gadgetry, you probably haven't heard of the Palm Foleo. I knew Palm was going to introduce something yesterday, but wasn't sure what that would be. After reading the release, I have to say I'm disappointed it wasn't a bump in their Palm handheld line. I'm not sure how well the Foleo works by itself, but it appears to be a docking station for your Palm Treo. I guess that's a good thing, but I'm not sure how many people out there that spent the $399 for the Treo are going to be leaping for their wallets to spend an additional $600 (with $100 rebate during the introduction) just to have a laptop front-end for their Treo. They definitely have some proving to do before I'd even consider this a serious device.