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Well I'll be damned... they have a name for that mindless pablum mix that gets shoved out of most radio receivers - Active Rock. Sounds like rock that wears headbands, leg-warmers, and a sport-bra. What a silly title - Active Rock. I don't mind that stations mix up bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and AC/DC with more modern stuff, but I'd like it more if they made more activechoices about what they mix up. Why is it I can hear the same type of music here as I can in an "Active Rock" station in Podunk-ville, Nowhere? Why do I hear more metal songs in the bumper music and voice-over music than I do in the regular mix?

(The term was noticed while browsing that WRIF got an HD award for their WRIF HD channel. I wonder how anyone at the awards committee heard it, since the only time I've been able to hear WRIF2 is online).