Bloggers to Metallica: That bad, eh?

Wed 11 June 2008 | tags: Music

Metallica to bloggers: don't review our music

I think this confirms that St. Anger was just an appetizer for the newest piece of shit wrought upon the land by the band possessing the once-revered name of "Metallica".

Note to Metallica: This would be considered a bad move.

Addendum to Metallica: Saying a forthcoming album will be better than Master of Puppets hasn't been true for quite some time. Quit it.

Update: Apparently Metallica isn't to blame for this latest PR disaster; their management company decided to take this bold step to silence these reviews. Metallica bitch-slapped their management, and allowed the reviews to be published. In other bizarre news, the reviews that were silenced were mostly positive, so we'll see if things pan out for this album. I don't hold out much hope, but would like to be pleasently surprised.