Uniden WX100

WX100Let my pain be your warning.

Years ago, JoDee purchased a Uniden WX100 weather warning radio thingie (I'm not sure what the real name of this device is). This is a great little device, and comes in handy during tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings, and other assorted weather phenomenon. When there is a warning, it sounds an alert tone, and then turns on the weather radio. You can even listen to the weather radio whenever you want.

Let me focus on the alert part.

This "thing" has a set of alert sounds that are, to put it mildly, ear-splitting. Not only that, but their played at volumes that could still be audible if you took this thing and buried it 6 feet underground, went inside, and played Sepultura cranked to 11. It's that loud.

Unfortunately, during most times when this thing goes off, it's not buried under 6 feet of earth, nor am I playing Sepultura cranked to 11. Nope, it's in the living area of our apartment because leaving it in the den where we usually spend most of our time caused both of us to have mild panic attacks when it let loose.

JoDee has it set to go off for watches in several counties. So far, it's gone off three times this morning.

I'm thinking of trying the experiment where I bury that thing under 6 feet of earth to still see if I hear it.