It's springtime again, and with spring come thought of purging old cruft that's acquired throughout the wintery months. This got me thinking of some anachronisms that I've acquired in my digital life, such as old accounts that I no longer want to keep.

I don't know about you, but I've acquired several accounts with different services over the years that have had diminishing returns for me. One such account is my AOL AIM account. Yesterday, I decided it was time to make a clean break, and am now no longer going to be logging into the account. Hopefully in 6 months, it'll go by the wayside.

I wonder how many things I've got that are simply habitual, and aren't work keeping any longer? I'm going to be going through my old password files and see what accounts are still open, and see if there's a way to close them out.

There's a certain liberation from old habitual behaviors, and finding which ones are still relevant, and which ones aren't is liberating. Rediscovering old passions that were long since dormant is also pretty exciting.

What in your life would you consider to be anachronistic, and could be left behind?