A Christmas Carol for You

Mon 21 December 2009 | tags: Music

This holiday season I figured that rather than sending out Christmas Cards (because it's the green thing to do; save a tree and all that jazz) I'd instead create a little something that you can take with you and do with as you please. This year I decided to take an old carol (Carol of the Bells) and play with it a little. I downloaded some sheet music, and put my extremely rusty sight-reading skills to the test (wikipedia to the rescue. :) ). I used the extremely powerful MuSE to peck in the notes on the piano roll, and when I was through, I recorded a drum track using MuSE and the M-Audio keyboard (live, one take, no edits). I then recorded it using Jack and Ardour. The entire song was produced and recorded using Ubuntu Linux from top to bottom.

JoDee and I both wish that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!