Holidays and IT

12:24 < jjesse> yay client called w/ major problem as i was leaving
12:26 < rick_h__> oops
12:28 < snap-l> Huzzah
12:31 < jjesse> yeah totall opps
12:31 < jjesse> told him i was busy the rest of the day, seeing if someone else can help him
12:32 < snap-l> Tht never works
12:32 < snap-l> because everyone else bolted.
12:33 < rick_h__> delegate!
12:33 < jjesse> totally
12:33 < jjesse> everyone else is gone or going
12:33 < snap-l> I love too when you're the stuck-ee
12:33 < snap-l> IT is kinda like being the janitor
12:34 < snap-l> and every time you want to run away for the weekend, a toilet blows up.
12:34 < rick_h__> and usually because someone was trying to do something no one sohuld be doing
12:34 < snap-l> Like flush a panda bear
12:34 < jjesse> haha flush a panda
12:35 < jjesse> that works well
12:36 < snap-l> Any other day of the year, one would not try to flush a panda, but on a holiday weekend, suddenly flushing a panda bear becomes not only plausible, but required.
12:36 < snap-l> It's like some magic chaos beam gets turned on somewhere, and compels people to do stupid shit
12:36 < snap-l> Like flush a panda bear