Kidney Stone Phase 2.5, the re-kidneying.

Thursday had an unexpected surprise around 4:30am; one of the stones that was lodged in the left kidney decided to leap for freedom, and start its journey. Being that I have experience with this now (after all, it's only been roughly two weeks since the other kidney stone started it's descent on the right side), and since the left side previously had a successful passing, I took some pain meds and hoped for the best. I also drank as much water as my body could physically stand. Unfortunately, it made for an interesting day peppered with bouts of feeling fine, and bouts of "OMGWTFBBQ" pain. So, during the afternoon I had to lay down and rest to keep things in check. I also called the doctor, and got in for a late night X-ray, so we'll know more once the doctor calls back to let me know what's up.

So, two kidney stones in two weeks, and a stent-removal in June. I sure know how to party. It's like a freakin' carnival over here.