Super Kidney Stone II Turbo 3rd Mix: A challenger appears

I got a call from the doctor on Friday about the x-ray results. Remember the mention of other kidney stones waiting in the wings? Yeah, well apparently the left side is not pushing just one kidney stone, but TWO kidney stones at the same time. On one level, it did feel like there were two items kicking in ureter-ville, but I chalked that up to phantom pain. Nope, there's going to be the pitter-patter of two little stones (which I have already named. No, I won't repeat their names here, but suffice to say they're sequential. (f'er 1 and f'er 2).

The plan is to hopefully get rid of them prior to Thursday. If on Thursday they are still lodged, then I'll be going in on Friday (6/4) to have them forcibly removed, along with the stent. Otherwise I'll just be having the stent removed next Monday. (6/7).

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