A modest proposal

Mon 13 June 2011 | tags: Rants

Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock, you've no doubt noticed that the news media has gone completely gonzo over the news that Anthony Weiner is getting dragged through the mud over sending a picture of "Mr. Johnson" to a young female via Twitter. You can't help but hear about this story. Apparently there are now calls for his resignation over this incident, as if having every news station comb over your entire life isn't enough.

Which got me thinking about the banking crisis. After all, they managed to screw over the entire country, and are still able to go about their lives as if nothing happened.

My proposal? Give these bankers a smart phone with a camera, Twitter accounts, and one hot follower that wants to see pictures of "Mr. Johnson".

Apparently the only way to get people in power to face any kind of recrimination for their actions is to have a sex scandal attached.