The Ubuntu Community: Collaborator or Contributor

There's been a lot of discussion about the role of the Ubuntu Community in the past few hours. Lots of upset feelings bubbling around. I know my previous post came out of venting some of my frustrations.

I think the biggest problem we have in the Ubuntu Community is the difference between collaborator or contributor. Collaborators work together to make things happen. Contributors just add their own stuff to an existing work. The disconnect is some members of the community thought they were collaborators, and not merely contributors. And this latest round has shown that divide more clearly. The community is free to contribute, but collaboration will only happen when the hard landscape has been drawn out.

And that's where the community and Canonical need to define their relationship: are we collaborating on the future of Ubuntu, or merely contributing to it.

I think the sooner we can come to terms with this question, the sooner we can start healing a lot of these hurt feelings.