Open Metalcast puts full support behind new RIAA certified Creative Commons License

I've decided to fully support the new RIAA-sponsored and certified CC license, the CC-BY-NC-NS (or "No Share" license). This license allows folks to attribute the artist, use non-commercially, but adds a special "no share" clause which allows people to keep music to themselves. It'll save me a lot of time in creating new Open Metalcast episodes, because the CC-BY-NC-NS music won't need to actually be a part of the episode at all. Download times will also be much improved as I add CC-BY-NC-NS music to the show. I applaud the RIAA for adopting this new CC license.

I also look forward to their forthcoming RIAA licenses, the CC-BY-NC-NL (the somewhat controversial "No Listen" license) as well as the "No Talking", "No Running", and "No you don't need that, put that down" licenses.

I know this is April 1st, but I just felt I had to, um, share this with you as soon as possible. Y'know, being all human nature and all. :)