Social Media Diet: Day Done

Welp, I'm calling it officially over. Not that I've gotten back into bad browsing habits (well, maybe a little) but because I've learned a bit of truth in this whole process, and something that may shock you if you've heard me rail against the following sentence:

"You can't manage what you can't measure."

The reason I rail against this sentence is because it usually leads to letting the measurement do the managing, but it's true: you need data in order to inform (not make) your decisions.

I used Web Timer as my measurement for my time online and while I think it's still the bee's knees for measuring my time online its lack of reporting once the day has passed makes it less useful for my purposes. So until I can come up with something that I feel comfortable using that has historic reporting, this experiment isn't going to prove useful.

Screenshot from 2013-09-20
07:18:20So here's the totals for the past 10 days. Overall I'm still addicted to Google Plus, Wikipedia and other shopping sites, but I've cut back my usage a lot from what I was doing for browsing. And that's really the point of the whole exercise: to find more constructive ways to use my time.

I may keep Web Timer on my machine for a little while longer just to see if the numbers stay consistent or increase, but for now the experiment is done. Finished. And in the next blog post I'll talk about my new hair-brained idea for getting one of my persistent albatrosses off my back: my reading list.